Introducing RCSOP

Welcome to RCSOP. I might want to present this series as a progression of inspiration and advancement. This will be following me playing Money Game poker and going up and monitoring my profession as I share bits of knowledge and contemplations on specific weeks, hands and anything that influences me poker related. This will be my outright very first blog, and what better method for beginning a blog that spins around poker. My objective here in this blog is to share my prosperity and to rouse others to make progress.

What you ought to be familiar with me: I am Lorrell Creeks and I’m a 22 year old poker player. I began playing on the web poker when I was 18 years of age because of an old game I use to play that had No Restriction Texas Hold em consolidated in the game. Where I’m from the Bahamas, there aren’t no nearby gambling clubs or stars to gain from so I thank my advancement to a great deal of the YouTubers and content web-based that I got my hand on to make me who I’m today.

Presently I’ll make an honest effort to keep it as engaging as could really be expected, I’m likewise taking a gander at getting tips, remarks and whatever can assist with making this series an impact.

What’s in store:

Week by week Charts
Hand of the week, Terrible beat of the week, Slant hand of the week, Beast of the week, and so on.
Separate of the absolute greatest errors I produced using (hands to mentality)
Re-cap of my week as it connect with poker.
I’s thought process adding:

Some video joins assuming that I hope to have a very lengthy blog to keep the substance fun, good and not excessively lengthy.
My series will be numbered, and essentially I will be giving you content about my poker life overall.

Individual much gratitude goes out to Red Chip Poker People group for permitting me to begin my blog here. Since I have joined this local area you have been very great and I in a split second developed to cherish it.

Now that we got every one of the butterflies out my stomach, I might want to bring everybody into this series of RCSOP! If it’s not too much trouble, sit down, bookmark and have fun!






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